Services - Shine Nails & Spa - No 1 nail salon in Walmart Supercenter Oklahoma City, OK 73139


Shine Classic Pedicure $32

Your nails are trimmed, shaped, buffed, cuticles detailed, callus treated, and exfoliation followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage with our moisturizing creams to perfection with your choice of polish color. Includes: Nail care, callus care, scrub, lotion, massage, nail polish

(Kids 10 years-old & under: $26)

Shine Signature Pedicure $42

This pedicure helps to increase your blood circulation while deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin for a radiant glow.

Includes: Warm neck wrap, nail care, callus care, scrub, mask, hot towel, paraffin hot wax, refreshing massage, nail polish

Shine Collagen Pedicure $52

Enjoy a warm neck wrap to relax tired muscles, followed by therapeutic collagen socks to soften dry and rough skin, leaving your feet deeply moisturized.

Includes: Warm neck wrap, nail care, callus care, scrub, mask, hot towel, collagen socks, refreshing massage, nail polish.

Shine CBD Calming Pedicure $60

The treatment not only soothes your mood and senses, but also adds vital nutrients to your skin, and heals it from within.

Includes: Warm neck wrap, nail care, callus care, scrub, mask, hot towel, massage, collagen socks, plus paraffin hot wax to nourish & moisturize the skin, nail polish.

Shine Bubble World Spa $70

The pedicure helps draw out any remaining impurities and soothes your skin and provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.

Includes: Warm neck wrap, collagen gloves, nails care, callus care, scrub, mask, hot towel, massage, paraffin hot wax, collagen socks, nail polish.

Golden 24K - Luxury Spa Pedicure $89

The gold spa is the symbol of wealth, well-being, strength, and warmth. Gold renews and revitalizes! Allow yourself to splurge on an amazing and deeply relaxing pedicure because you deserve it.

Includes: Warm neck wrap, collagen gloves, Jelly Bath, nail care, callus care, scrub, mask, hot towel, massage, Acupuncture Therapy Stick, paraffin hot wax, collagen socks, nail polish.


Shine Classic Manicure $20

A professional treatment for your hands, including: Nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle detailing, followed by a relaxing hands & arms massage.

(Kids 10 years-old & under: $13)

Shine Signature Manicure $25

Includes Classic Manicure plus a therapeutic paraffin wax for a youthful glow, finished with your choice of polish.

Shine Collagen Manicure $35

Includes Classic Manicure, followed by a gentle exfoliation with sugar scrub & clay mask to remove any dead skin. Combination of hot towel wrap, hands & arms massage and Collagen treatment cleanses, and moisturizes the skin all in one.

Gel Manicure $35

Shiny, chip-free nails and no damage to your natural nails. The treatment includes all basic nail care, plus warm neck wrap and your choice of gel color.


Dip Manicure $41

(Include warm neck wrap)

The dipping powder system is natural and healthy for your real nails. It has no odor, no liquid, no primer, and no UV lights. Dipping allows your nail to grow by adding vitamin A, E, D3, B5, and calcium.



Regular Acrylic $35

Fill-ins $25

Solar Color Powder $55 & up

Add Gel Polish $15 +

Solar Pink & White New / Refill $60 / $50

Acrylic Removal Only $10

Nails Fix $5 & up

Solar Ombre New / Refill $60 / $50


Eyebrows $12

Lip $10

Chin $10

Full Face $30 & up

Half Arms $30 & up

Underarms $25

Chest $35 & up

Back $40 & up

Bikini $30 & up

Brazilian $40 & up

Half Legs $30 & up

Full Legs $60 & up


The Original (Mini Facial) $40

Treat yourself to this mini-facial for ladies and men who are always on the go.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, masque treatment, light facial massaging, and skin conditioners. 

Signature Facial $60

Duration: 40 mins
Our Signature Facial helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation in the skin. We customize your treatment to remove the appearance of dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and blemishes. It includes a signature mask to give your skin a glow, followed by hot and cold steam, and is finally finished with a relaxing massage.

The Detox (Murad, Complete Acne Control) $90

Experience Murad’s uniquely powerful healthy skin approach to acne-fighting that results in clearer skin without the redness and irritation caused by ordinary acne products.

Series Of 4 Treatment $275

Includes: cleansing, an exfoliating mask with steam, extractions of blackheads and proper treatment of active acne, light therapy acne masques, facial massage, and Murad signature skin conditioners. 

Teen Facial $45

Duration: 25 mins
This facial includes a thorough skin analysis! It features a gentle exfoliation to loosen surface dry cells and to prepare the skin for deep pore cleansing. It uses steam to soften pores and is followed by a relaxing facial massage.

Ultimate Anti Aging & Collagen Facial $75

Duration: 60 mins
This is a pore-cleansing treatment that eliminates the signs of aging and acne. It features a hot and cold steamer, mask, and ultrasonic facial tool treatment. Ultrasonic uses non-invasive sound energy with key products to exfoliate, hydrate, and improve the overall look and feel of the skin.


Cluster Lashes Full Set $70

Fill-ins: $40+

Gem Full Set $90

Approximately 70-100 individual eyelash extensions are applied to each eye for a natural every day look (1-1.5hrs)

Gem Volume Full Set $130

70-100 volume fans are precisely applied to each eye using the softest lashes for a bold & glamorous look (2-3hrs)

Baby Doll / Cat Eyes $130 & up

Strip Lashes $10

Eyebrow Tinting $20

Eyelash Tinting $30

Eyelash Lifting ( Included Tinting ) $50


Magic Touch $40

Duration: 30 mins

Tender Muscles $70

Duration: 70 mins

Skin Deep Sea $80

Duration: 60 mins


Color Polish

Hand $10

Toes $12

Gel $20

French Polish

Hands $13

Toes $17

Gel $25

Kids 10 & Under

Hands $7

Toes $7

Gel $10